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Rules & Regulations

General Rules :

  • A minimum attendance of 75 % is compulsory
  • Strict disciplinary action will be taken against latecomers.
  • Parents have to reimburse for and damage or loss of schoolproperty causes by their ward.
  • Students are not allowed to bring valuables or unnecessarycash to the school
  • Story books, periodicals, CDs not issued by the schoollibrary should not be brought into the school without the written approval ofthe class teacher.
  • The school does not accept responsibility for the loss ofstudent’s book, pen, money etc.
  • No  collection ofmoney should be made without the sanction of the principal.
  • Students are not permitted to apply henna  and colour their hair.
  • Girls should avoid applying mehndi beyond their palms: andthat too only after permission of the respective coordinators.
  • Any students who is persistently  mischievous or is guilty of malpractice inconnection with examination may be expelled permanently or removed  from the school for a specified period bythe  Head of the school.
  • All correspondences should be routed through the schooloffice in writing.
  • On working days and at school functions children areexpected to wear the uniform prescribed for the session. They must come toschool neatly dressed: else they will be sent back and will be liable todisciplinary action.
  • Children are strictly forbidden to  go  outof the school  campus during the schoolhours without permission from the principal.
  • Books, bags, tiffin boxes etc. should bear the name andclass of the owner. The school is not responsible for any loss of personalbelongings. Those who bring bicycles should keep them properly lock  at the place fixed for them.
  • Once a student attends the school he/ she will not beallowed  any short of leave. In cases ofemergency, the child will be escorted home by the parent/guardian with thepermission of the principal.
  • Class monitors will maintain class discipline in the absence of the teacher. All student shouldco-operate with the monitor maintaining the discipline of the class.
  • No students will go out of the class without class –pass
  • No students will loiter in the school and disturb theteaching of the other classes. Free time is to be properly utilized in revisionof portions.
  • Parents are requested to check diaries of theirchildren’s  daily  and ensure that  instructions are being followed by theirwards properly.
  • Co- operate with the school in ensuring effective educationof your children . This can be done by:-
  • Providing facility to students at home .
  • Providing Text book, note book, other requirement of yourwards.
  • Assisting your ward in removing his weakness in a particularsubject.
  • Depositing  fees  as per  rules.
  • Providing proper school uniform.
  • See and counter sign the remark in the school calendarregularly.
  • Don’t send your ward to the school when HE/SHE is unwell.
  • In case of regular health problem of the child , a detailedcheckup is advised. Doctor’s advice should be conveyed in writing to the schoolfor the child’s well being.
  • If you feel or notice that your ward is not making thedesired progress, kindly see the principal (you are always welcome to theschool to ensure the progress of your ward)
  • Both the copies of personal memorandum are to be filledby  parents and signed at the starting ofthe academic year.
  • Parents are not allowed to meet their ward during lunch hour/break.
  • Kindly send lunch box with your ward child
  • The photographs submitted in the office should be recentpassport size with the name and date below it.

The school Uniform

  • The pattern and material of the entire uniform is prescribedby the school
  • The last deviation from the prescribed is not acceptable. Nochild will be permitted to attend school without proper uniform.
  • The school uniform must always be clean and the studentsmust  look smart ( special attentionshould be paid to personal hygiene)
  • Parents are requested to purchase at least 2 sets of schooluniform for their child.
  • Girls have to wear cycling shorts compulsorily. Twoplaits/two ponytails with appropriate (Black / white ribbons are mandatory)

Rules for Withdrawal and Issue of School Leaving Certificate

  • Application for the school leaving certificate should bemade by the parents in the prescribed from available in the school diary. Itshould be state the reason for the student leaving the school and the proposeddate of leaving.
  • Any  parents  who is seeking L.C. / T.C. of their wardshould inform school Admin office in writing on or before 15th march. Kindlynote that those parents giving application after 30TH MARCH 2018 Will have topay the fees of April 2018.
  • An application for withdrawal in the first team is to begiven one calendar month in advance on the prescribed Leaving Certificate Form.Otherwise fees will be charged for the next quarter. There will be no refund offees for withdrawing a child from the school and sit in 2 term (from 1 Octoberof each academic year).
  • A  Leaving Certificatewill not be issued until all dues are settled including returning of librarybooks and other school property..
  • No reduction in fees will be made for a broken period ofattendance. Kindly state in the form if you want the L.C. to be counter signedby the Education Board. In case of counter signature, meaning on month requiredafter the L.C. application date.

School Fees

  • A  late fees  of Rs 50/ will be charged if the fees are notpaid by the 15th of the month.
  • Any fees once paid will not be refunded .

Bus Fees

  • A late fee per month as mentioned in the fee book would becharged if the fees are not paid by the 30th April and 31th October.
  • Bus fees once paid, will not be refunded.

Guidelines to the parents

  • On birthdays and any occasion gifts, sweets, biscuits,chocolates or any such item should not be distributed in the class or bus.
  • Listen to your child first, before moralizing him/her.
  • Inculcate discipline, good manners, habits or orderlinessand neatness in person and dress.
  • Influence your child to become a law –abiding and worthycitizen of the country.
  • Ensure that your ward is punctual and regular.
  • Pay the fees regularly as per the schedule  given.
  • Ensure that your child has the required book properlycovered.
  • Please encourage your child to always converse in Englishwhile at school.
  • Inform the school in writing the reason for yourchild’s  absence.
  • Please don’t send your child to the school if he/ she issuffering from a contagious disease.
  • During Test and Examinations no leave will be granted excepton medical grounds and a medical certificate from the authorized medicalofficer  has to be submitted along withthe leave application. Long leave on any other ground will not be allowedexcept under very special circumstances and at the risk of the guardianhimself/herself.
  • Ensure that you don’t disturb your child during workinghours by making phone calls, visits etc. In case of emergency , please approachthe principal/ co- ordinator, who will assist you in contacting the child.
  • The school does not allow parents to directly approachteachers or other staff members. On days other than the open Houses , priorappointment must be taken with the principal to discuss academic problems.
  • Acknowledge all communication, circulars etc. addressed toyou and respond promptly . while corresponding with school, parents arerequested to mention the standard and division in which their child studying.
  • Look into the child’s diary everyday  and see that the home work assigned iscompleted.
  • Kindly make it a point to glance through the pages marked under “Teacher Remarks” as there may be a message /remark/ notice fromthe teacher / co ordinator  for you.
  • Promptly inform the class teacher about any change inaddress, telephone number etc.
  • Take pride in sending your child neatly dressed in theprescribed school uniform
  • Be regular on open Houses and PTA Days.
  • Make it point to spend some time everyday with your child inorder to know about his/her day to day activities.
  • Encourage self help at work and study so that your child canbecome independent and resourceful.
  • The school does not encourage private tuitions. If a Parentswishes to engage an SIS Teacher For tuition, prior permission from theprincipal is required..
  • The management and the Principal welcome and appreciateconstructive criticism and suggestions (preferably in writing), if made in theright manner  and spirit.
  • A detailed school calendar is given to  every childseparately for reference by parents and students to plan their activities (CCA), studies (PTA, Mid Term, Final Term ) and holidays well in advance.
  • All parent  whosechild come by private hired vehicle (van /Rickshaw/other )should compulsorilysubmit a declaration authorized person with a verified photo ID Card of theconcerned person.
  • All students coming by hired/ private vehicles are expectedto entered the school compound before 7:40am. After that the child can bedropped at the school gate latest by 7:45am.
  • If the child enters the school gate after 7:45am, it will beconsidered late coming and the child will not be allowed in the school after7:50am.If the child is ill or during any emergency, He/She will be allowed toleave the school premises only with the parent and guardian or an authorisedperson(carrying authorised letter and a photo ID card).
  • Gate pass is a must for any leaving the school premisesduring the school hours.
  • This Academic year to ID cards will be issued per child.Parents have to carry the extra ID card whenever they come to school.


  • Be serious and sincere in your studies from day one. Neverleave your homework for tomorrow.
  • Do your homework quickly keeping yourself away from alldistractions. Write your home task in your diary correctly and try your best tofinish them in the time at your disposal.
  • Get all your doubts clarified in the classroom. Neverhesitate in removing your weakness. It is never wrong not to know but it isalways wrong not to try to know what you don’t know.
  • Whenever or wherever you feel stuck in a particular lessonconsult your teacher / classmates.
  • Revise your lessons and clear the backlog, if any , onSundays and holidays.
  • Learn to utilizes your leisure period properly.
  • Never feel shy in speaking in English, which is your mediumof instructions, always and everywhere.
  • Visit your school library regularly and keep yourselfinformed of national and International events. Read extensively.
  • Maintain a notebook and note down significantevents/information you have read about in library.


  • Take enough exercise.
  • Develop the habit of early rising.
  • Maintain personal hygiene to prevent illness.
  • Boys should keep their hair short and clean.
  • Pare your nails twice a week.
  • Polish your shoes daily.
  • Take pride in your uniform.
  • Eat well, but don’t eat. Don’t be choosy while eating.Develop the habit of taking healthy food like pulse, greens and othervegetables. Don’t waste food.

For Discipline and Good Conduct

  • Good manner, courtesy and politeness is the hallmark of a good student. An SIS student isexpected to greet all staff members, visitors and elders showing due respect atall times.
  • Use of vulgar and objectionable language, display of violentbehavior, etc. will not be allowed.
  • Students must show due consideration to all members ofsociety. His/ Her speech  should not hurtor offend anyone.
  • Misuse of school property, scribbling on wall, furniturebulletin boards, toilets walls, etc. will be severely dealt with. Breakages ofall kind are liable for a fine and or payment for replacement / repairs.
  • The school premises  must be kept neat andclean. Litter of any must be thrown in dustbins/ waste paper baskets.
  • Saraswati International School  is an English medium school. Students mustconverse in English during school hours.
  • Students  are requireto attend all classes as scheduled in the respective class time table.
  • Students should use text-books, note  books and relevant literature for eachsubjects prescribed by the school.
  • For all practicals, students must bring with themrecord books, journals, aprons, dissection boxes etc. as instructed by the labIn charge concerned , otherwise they may not be allowed to enter the laboratories.

Duties of class monitors

  • To maintain the discipline of the class.
  • To grant permission to move out of the class for workassigned by teacher to students using class pass.(Max. 2 at a time)
  • To look after cleanliness of the class and reporting to theteacher.
  • To look after the various fixtures, electrical fittings andfurniture.
  • To bring the students of the class in a line with disciplineto the Assembly  Hall/playground/labs/library etc.
  • To assist the class teacher in maintaining the displayboard.
  • Tests and Examinations:-
  • Detention once decided will not be reconsidered.
  • The academic year comprises of three periodical tests forstudents (I to XII ) as per CBSE rules.
  • Any change in the schedule would be informed well beforehand.

Parent’s Meeting

  • Every third month PTM will be scheduled. Dates for PTM willbe informed before one week.
  • Parents are requested to be present on those days as perscheduled timings in order to communicate with the teachers for the bettermentof their wards.