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Academic Information

Academic Session Related Information

Assessment Pattern and Schedule

1. The academic session comprises 2 terms having 2 rounds of assessments in each term for classes Mont-1 to Grade 2. The children do not have any formal tests. They are evaluated on the basis of their class performance and assessment sheets. Report cards are shown to parents twice a year i.e in the month of October and March.

2. Each round consists of one assessment in each of the subject English, Hindi, Maths, EVS/science and social studies.

3. No retest shall be conducted for any assessment missed by the child and average is given for the assessment missed by the child

4. At the end of each term, the child is given an overall subject-wise grade in the Report Card based on his/her performance.

5. The assessments are conducted on every Tuesday from July onwards

6. Report card- On the loss of Report Card a new Report card will be issued on payment of Rs.100 only for the current session. (In case the report card is lost after First time Result, the comments/ grade will be entered in new Report Card


 CLASSES 3rd TO 8th-

1. The academic year is divided into two terms and examinations are held at the end of each term. Evaluation will be conducted according to the C.B.S.E guidelines.

2. Periodic tests are conducted as per the examination schedule and a mid term exam in the month of Septeber/ October,based on the course covered.

 other than academic we ensure that every child acquires life skills, correct attitude and values, participates actively in co-curricular activities and conscious and concerned about his/her health and physical fitness. The assessment of co-scholastic areas will also find a place in the report book, thus providing a holistic profile of the development over a span of learning time of every child. We seek your co-operation and support in order to make this programme a success and an invaluable tool towards making SIS self sufficient and self reliant and successful individuals.