Who We Are

Saraswati International School is a public service oriented non-profit organization . The mission of the school is to provide the right inputs to help the children grow up into caring, sharing, individual equipment to make the right choices in life and grow up to responsible citizen of the country.

The main mission of the school is to lay a story foundation for children, making them like long learners and keeping them abreast the place of rapid changes.

The school is a public service, non profit organization from the time of its inception, the school has excelled in academics as well as co-curricular activities. At present there are over 750 students from varied background studying in the school. Mrs. Nancy Sharma is the principal of the school. All school affairs are managed by regional education and welfare society registered at Chandigarh. C.B.S.E Recognised Saraswati High School will be identified by Saraswati International School (Affi No : 530935).